Go south—WAY south—at our “Tex-Mex Night” Vegan Dinner May 23

Vegans—and those interested in trying out vegan cuisine—are invited to take a tasty trip with us to Tex-Mex country Thursday, May 23 at our Tex-Mex Night Vegan Dinner between 5 and 9 p.m. If you think Tex-Mex cooking has to be all about the beef, come to this 3-for-$30 dinner and be amazed!

Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad

Tex-Mex Bar-B-Que Tofu
Black Bean and Corn Sauté

Silken Tofu Mexican Chocolate Mousse

Enjoy a meatless barbecue with south-of-the-border spice and a flavor as big as all Texas. Call 216.481.9635 to reserve your place at this feast!

Menus coming for Vegan Night and Tequila Dinner

We hope you’re as excited about our next Vegan Night and special dinner as we are. This month’s Vegan Night will be Wednesday, August 18, and the entree will have a Tex-Mex theme. We’ll be announcing it soon; in the meantime, plan to join us!

We’ll also be posting the menu for our Tequila Dinner, another pleaser in the Southwestern tradition, very soon, so watch this space. Do we hear your mouths watering already?

But that’s not the only news we have. While we’ll be taking a rest from our special dinner schedule next month, we’ll be back the last Wednesday in October (the 27th) with a themed dinner that will be VERY different! This one won’t be focused on one kind of beverage…well, then again, maybe it will. But put it this way: the beverage won’t be one you’ve ever enjoyed a themed dinner around before. (At least we hope not!) And it will definitely have a flavor of October about it. That’s it for clues right now! Can you guess what we have in mind? More later!