Wednesday Night Is Vegan Night!

It’s already coming time again for our monthly Vegan Night! We’ve got some great vegan dishes planned for this time around. Join us Wednesday, July 21 for these fabulous creations from Chef Jakub:

Mini Potato Latkes

Roasted Vegetables Topped with Miso Tahini Sauce Served with Brown Rice and Nori

Grilled Peaches with Key Lime Cream and Blueberries

Here’s some other news that should make vegans and all foodies happy…did we mention that another great vegetable we have growing in our rooftop garden is eggplant? It is! And our eggplant has been growing big, fat and ripe, so expect to see it on our menu in the weeks to come, along with our squash, tomatoes, tomatillos, arugula, and terrific herbs! The peak of summer’s bounty is coming in now!

Summer is passing by quickly, though…hard to believe the back-to-school ads are out already, isn’t it? It won’t be long before fall is with us, and it’ll be a busy one for the Bistro. Watch this space for a wrapup of all the special events where you’ll be able to catch us away from the restaurant! In the meantime, take note that while we’ve still got plenty of summer left to spend with you, we’ll be closing the Bistro for vacation August 29 through September 4. We’ll be back open on September 7, the day after Labor Day.