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Don’t miss Janet Podolak’s wonderful feature story in today’s News-Herald, “Inspired By a Child,” about our Julia Project. Learn about Ruth’s approach to cooking, the time she met Julia Child herself, and the Bistro’s take on the dishes in the Project — and get the recipe for our Julia-inspired Apple Turnover.

For a great local tribute to Julia Child’s legacy to the American kitchen, read Joe Crea’s piece today in The Plain Dealer. His piece points out that PBS is currently featuring video from Julia’s classic cooking shows on the video portal of its Web site. Go here to start watching her in action, and find other treats like an interview with Meryl Streep about playing her on film.

Tonight we’ll be serving up Saute de Veau Marengo from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1 — veal stew with tomatoes and mushrooms on a generous bed of our homemade mashed potatoes. We hope to see you here to enjoy this fabulous dish.

Julie & Julia, the movie: C’est magnifique!

Yesterday, while the Bistro was closed, we went out to see the movie Julie & Julia. If you haven’t seen it yet, we think you definitely should (complimentary dessert or not)! We enjoyed this parallel look at the lives of two women in need of a fresh project in life: Julie Powell in 2002 and Julia Child in France in the 1940s and ’50s. We think Meryl Streep’s characterization especially captures that special joie de vivre possessed by Julia as she tried to find a way to share her passion for French cuisine with Americans.

Mushroom Soup for 50…

Today, as you may know, we are stirring up a big batch of Julia’s Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe. We’ll be making 12 quarts, or about 50 servings, rich with white button mushrooms, egg yolks, onions, whipping cream and — you guessed it — plenty of butter.

When you try it tonight, look for the same qualities we look for in the finished product: a creamy, silky texture; a rich mushroom flavor; a mild acidity with a buttery finish; and a sense of “earthiness.” Let us know whether we’ve hit the spot.

Also, if you’ve seen Julie & Julia, we’re curious to know what you thought of it. Vote below!

Veal scallops, in the best of taste

One of our guests, heard commenting on tonight’s Julia Project dish, Escalopes de Veau à l’Estragon with Brown Tarragon Sauce: “Oh my, I picked the right dish!” Our presentation included spring peas and was served on the same thin, wide pappardelle pasta that accompanied our Chicken Fricassee of Tuesday night. The sauce for this dish is a bit lighter than that of the previous two entrees we have presented, but no less delicious for that, and redolent with the flavor of tarragon straight from our rooftop garden (each plate was decorated with a tarragon sprig). We hope you had the chance to enjoy; if you did, tell us about it!

Excitement is already building for tomorrow night’s dish, another masterpiece from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1: Foie de Veau Sauté with Sauce Crème a la Moutarde, Calf’s Liver with a Cream and Mustard Sauce. And don’t forget, the movie Julie & Julia opens tomorrow at area theaters. Save your ticket stub; if you make reservations for a party of four or more and show us your stub, you will receive one complimentary dessert per table. And what desserts we have to offer you: sinfully rich and sublime, whether it’s banana cream pie, raspberry-almond-and chocolate torte, carrot cake, peanut butter “s’mores” pie…save room!

We’re making plans now for which Julia Child dishes to feature in next week’s dinner specials. Watch this blog to see what’s coming next! If there’s a dish you’d especially like us to offer, make a request here — you just might see it on a future menu.