Wine pairings for our Vegan Thanksgiving dinner are ready!

Take a look at our organic wine pairings for our November 17 Vegan Thanksgiving Wine Dinner here. And, if you haven’t yet, call 216.481.9635 and make your reservations for this delightful repast!

In the meantime, keep in mind that with the holidays on the way, it’s not too soon to make plans for your own entertainment festivities. If you’re planning a special lunch or dinner out for your work group, Bistro 185 will be happy to have you. Call 216.481.9635 to make sure you reserve your date now. Or, if you’re planning a catered event or party, Ruth will be happy to talk to you about what she can do for you. Take a look at the Ruth Levine Events Web site, let it inspire, and call 216.404.0500 to get Ruth started on plans for your feast!

“…Where you just have to wish to make it so…”

Yes, the Drifters (and songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin) certainly knew what they were talking about when they extolled the pleasures of viewing the world from “Up On the Roof.” And this spring and summer, for the first time, Bistro 185 is going to make that happy perspective available to our friends!

We are currently booking reservations for groups who would like to experience the intimacy and personal attention of a Chef’s Garden Rooftop Dinner. Your private party of eight to ten diners will enjoy a five- to six-course chef-driven menu, including wine, al fresco in our rooftop garden, surrounded by our flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Imagine having your special dinner party — birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement or other celebration — up on our roof among the stars. Then call us at 216.481.9635 to book your reservation and get Chef Ruth started on planning the perfect menu for a magical spring or summer evening in “a paradise that’s trouble-proof.”

DELIGHT IN WHITE: We’ve chosen the wines to accompany the six courses of our “Spring Into White” wine dinner — take a look and make your reservation soon, so you don’t miss out on this treat!

Ruth Levine Events caters a wedding

In early September, Ruth had the opportunity to create a very special catered menu for a highly special occasion: the wedding of our son Ari.

She wanted to create a wedding feast that would reflect the South American heritage of his bride, Ursula. With that type of cuisine in mind, here was the menu she devised:

Baby Lamb Chops with Curry Mojo Glaze

Seviche on Spoon


Chilean Sea Bass with Platano Maduro Frito (Fried Sweet Plantains)

Arepa with Roasted Corn Salsa

Mache and Baby Sprouts and Greens with Brunois of Mango, Papaya, Strawberry and Corn Nuts with Broken Sherry Vinaigrette

Black Bean, Goat Cheese, Roasted Pablano and Jalapeño in Saffron Ravioli with Spicy Tomato and Crème Fraiche Sauce and Annatto Oil Drizzle

Mojito and Pineapple-Basil Sorbet

South African Mini Lobster Tail with Hollandaise Sauce and Tomato-Basil Concasse

Black Truffle Risotto with Herb Paste and Sautéed Shrimp

Cuban Black Beans and Rice for Table

Pan Cubano and Medianoche Breads

Guava Cheesecake

Dulce Con Leche Crêpes with Sautéed Apple

Croque en Bouche

Not all these dishes may be familiar to you, so here’s a glossary:

Seviche — raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice, often with oil, onions, peppers and seasonings, and served especially as an appetizer

Tequeños — fried breadsticks formed by wrapping dough around queso blanco; a popular appetizer in Venezuela, especially at weddings

Arepa — a bread made of corn, originating in the northern Andes, similar to a tortilla

Mache — a salad green with a mild, lettuce-like flavor

Brunois — a very small dice

Annatto oil — a dark red-orange oil made by infusing an oil with annatto (achiote) seeds, used in South American cooking

Pan Cubano — A Cuban type of bread, with a distinctive taste created by its starter and enriched with lard that creates a smooth texture

Medianoche bread — A sweet, eggy type of bread roll, the type used to make a smaller version of the “Cuban sandwich” known as the “midnight special” (that’s another story)

Croque en bouche — a tower of tiny cream puffs, glued together by a caramel glaze and drizzled with the glaze (ours had a large cake as a base)

Here are some pictures, courtesy of our son Zachary:
Black Bean Ravioli with Tomato SalsaLobsterTail with Corn Pudding and Hollandaise SauceMojito and Basil-Pineapple SorbetBlack Truffle Risotto with ShrimpCroque en BoucheOne of the nicest things about this wedding was, of course, was that we got to enjoy playing the exalted role of Parents of the Groom. Here we are in a position you don’t often see us: relaxing and enjoying our own food, right along with everyone else.

Ruth and Marc at Ari's Wedding DinnerThe ceremony was held in our backyard in Pepper Pike, and the lovely late summer weather helped create a magical setting for the perfect wedding and a lovely and intimate wedding dinner.

If you have an event like a small, intimate wedding coming up in your future — or want to plan something special for the holidays (sorry we can’t provide weather like this for that!) — we invite you to find out what Ruth can do for you. Visit the Ruth Levine Events Web site and call 216.404.0500 or send her an email to set your plans in motion.

Planning a holiday party?

It’s November, and definitely time to start planning those holiday parties. Of course, we highly recommend Bistro 185 for small holiday get-togethers, such as treating an office staff to lunch as a thank-you for all its hard work over the year. Be sure to call 216.481.9635 to make reservations for your group.

Thinking of a more personalized, catered event? Ruth Levine Events will customize every detail for you, from personal shopping for your produce and meats to the most minute touch. We can supply chefs, bartenders, consultations (for flowers, video, photography and more) and full rentals of items such as linens, china, tents, tables, chairs and more. Whether it’s a holiday-themed banquet, luncheon or cocktail party, or another special event such as a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, shower, birthday, bnai mitzvah, corporate event or fundraiser, we can make it memorably special.

Here’s an example of a dinner Ruth is working on for a private customer right now. The event will begin with an offering of crab cakes for cocktail hour, followed by dinner choices of roast beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola cheese sauce or sautéed salmon with dill-lemon sauce. The dinner entrees will be accompanied by a spinach gratin with blistered cherry tomatoes and roasted baby potatoes. For dessert, guests will enjoy a choice of a Pavlova — a baked meringue filled with whipped cream and fresh berries — or individual banoffee pies. Never heard of a banoffee pie? It’s a kind of English dessert with a dulce de leche filling, layered with fresh bananas, whipped cream and crumbled English biscuits (we’re using the ones known as Digestives). Our client is from England, and banoffee pie is one of her favorite homeland desserts.

This is just one example of the kind of catering Ruth Levine Events can provide for you. Is your staff working long and hard hours on a big project that’s keeping them too busy to leave the office for lunch? Show your appreciation by ordering them some of our upscale boxed lunches, served in uniquely elegant black Chinese take-out boxes. What a great way to say “thank you” for the extra effort and to help re-energize everyone!

To have Ruth Levine Events handle all the details of your custom catering needs, call 216.404.0500 or email us.