Vegans, rejoice! Now you can cook Bistro 185-style at home!

If you’ve been watching this space, you already know that tomorrow night is Vegan Night at the Bistro. But here’s a new twist!

We’ve been thrilled at your enthusiastic response to the Vegan Dinner Series, and we’ve also been listening to those of you who have been saying “Wow, I wish I could enjoy one of Chef Jakub’s vegan dinners at home…any night of the month.” Now, we’ve come up with a way to make it happen!

Tomorrow night, we won’t only be serving our monthly Vegan Night appetizer, dinner, and dessert offerings here at the Bistro. We won’t even just be packing up fully cooked dinners “to go” for those who call in for a takeout order. We’re going one step beyond…to offer you a special frozen vegan entree that you can pick up, take home, and cook up fresh anytime you like!

The premier offering in our Bistro 185 Vegan Take-Home Entrees series will be Tikka Masala. (This is a different entree from the one we’re serving here in the Bistro tomorrow night.) It’s sautéed seitan in a rich Indian sauce prepared with garden-fresh vegetables and cashews, complete with organic brown basmati rice. It’s elegantly boxed, frozen, and can be kept in your freezer at home until you’re ready to defrost, heat, and eat! Easy preparation instructions will be included in each box. Each entree is 28 full ounces, big enough to feed two.

We’re offering our frozen vegan Tikka Masala entrees at a special introductory price of $15.50 per entree. Limited quantities will be available, so don’t miss out! Be sure to get yours early tomorrow evening! Tomorrow night is going to be a Bistro 165 Vegan Night like no other!