Bistro Brunch warms your heart, even in this cold!

OK, so it’s The Tenant coming to you today, and getting to the Bistro for Sunday brunch is not that tough for me in any weather — all I have to do is walk downstairs. But you can believe me when I tell you that a Bistro 185 brunch is worth traveling a bit for! I ordered the blintzes with a side of Marc’s house-made sausage, and it looked so good I forgot to take a photo before digging in! Was as delicious as it looked, too!

Not convincing enough? You need a second opinion? How about Laura Taxel’s? You need some good pictures? How about Barney Taxel’s? You can find both here. And yes, amongst other dishes, they had the cheese blintzes, and after trying them myself, I have to agree with their assessment. Light, airy, and full of fluffy cheese goodness, delicately kissed with powdered sugar, served with sour cream and local Abby’s Orchard preserves, they are a delight. The pork sausage was the perfect side, with its slightly hot spiciness providing a zippy contrast to the gentle slight sweetness of the blintzes.

All right. If that’s not a convincer to get out and brave the snow and cold, I don’t know what is. Drive carefully!

(If you really can’t make it today, I would still highly recommend you put the Bistro on your list of Sunday brunches to try. Whatever the weather, it’s amazing. And you might just get to say hi to me — I’m working my way through the menu. Next week, Gravlax and Eggs!)


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