Another “Meal to Remember”

Last year, the Bistro took part for the first time in Hospice of the Western Reserve‘s “A Meal to Remember” program. The Hospice of the Western Reserve devotes itself to providing palliative end-of-life care, caregiver support, and bereavement services throughout Northern Ohio. Celebrating the individual worth of each person’s life includes providing families with opportunities to share memory-making moments, and that’s what “A Meal to Remember” is all about.

This monthly event allows families of loved ones in hospice care to gather together to share a heartwarming, carefully prepared meal served by a local restaurant. It means they can take the time to enjoy not only wonderful food, but the company of each other, in a relaxed, unhurried setting. Moments like these become ever more precious when someone you love is facing the end of life. They help create memories that matter and endure.

This year, once again, Bistro 185 will prepare the Hospice’s “A Meal to Remember,” July 9 at David Simpson Hospice House. It’s a beautiful setting on the Lake Erie shore, where patients and their loved ones will gather to enjoy a truly special dinner.

We invite all our friends to visit the Hospice’s website and learn more about what they do. Many people don’t realize exactly how much wonderful work this hospice does for the community. Providing compassionate end-of-life care—whether at home or in one of their two hospice houses—is only part of the story. Hospice of the Western Reserve also provides support to caregivers and offers help to anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one—even someone who did not receive hospice services. Whether or not you currently have concerns about end-of-life care for someone close to you, you may find the Hospice offers a service that can make your life easier and better.

Has it been too long since your family has all been in one place at one time? Have the demands of work, school, and other activities turned everyone into eaters on the run? Is texting taking the place of face-to-face conversation? It’s easy to let it happen, but trying to slow down the pace can be so satisfying. Life goes by so quickly—it’s worth the effort to create a time and place where you and those you care about can sit down, take a breath, and really talk with each other.

Maybe it’s time you put a family meal on your schedule. Whether you plan it at a restaurant or at home, it’s a terrific way to get back in touch with the people who really matter in our lives.

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