Laura Taxel writes a love letter to the Bistro

When a discriminating, well-respected Cleveland food critic chooses to stop by your restaurant on her days off—when she names it as a place to which she likes to bring her favorite people—that’s something pretty special. That’s why we were so delighted to see Laura Taxel’s post “Tried, True and Terrific” on the Cleveland Magazine website May 8. Laura tells about why she and her husband have been regulars here since the Bistro opened in 2006 (her post includes several terrific photos by Barney). Among her words of praise:

“We love to talk curing and smoking with Marc, and I appreciate his savvy (and recommendations) when it comes to wine and beer.”

“Ruth is a culinary powerhouse and someone I admire. She’s knowledgeable, skilled and imaginative when it comes to cooking but without ego or pretension (always giving credit to her crack kitchen team, especially chef Todd Mueller), and she seems to possess the energy and endurance of two.”

“The service is friendly, the prices affordable. The bar is well stocked with interesting stuff. Though some dishes show up often because they’re popular, the menu changes daily so it never gets boring. And there are always ample choices: meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian — options from light to hearty.”

“But most of all, the husband and I agreed that we’d never, not ever, had a bad meal there…We keep coming here, and bring family, friends and out-of-towners because we can depend on having a fine night out.”

Thanks, Laura! We’re so glad you feel this way, and we’ll keep working hard to make sure you continue to do so!

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