Take a sneak peek inside our chocolate factory for tonight’s wine dinner!

Wow. If your sweetheart decided to treat you this Valentine’s Day to reservations at the Bistro for tonight’s Chocolate Dinner, you’re never going to be satisfied with Russell Stover or a Whitman’s Sampler again. Here’s a look at what we’re getting ready right now…

Lobster awaits its moment to be bedded on pappardelle pasta and bathed with…

…our White Chocolate Saffron Cream Sauce. Beef tenderloins are cooking in their sous vide bath…

…after which they’ll receive their finishing touches and be served with our Chocolate Merlot Demi-Glace…

Our Caesar salad lettuce is chopped and awaiting the addition of cacao nibs and delicious slivers of White Cheddar cheese with veins of chocolate running through it…

The Mexican Hot Chocolate Sauce is ready for our Lamb Chops Milanese…

…and they’re going to be accompanied by some interesting touches…pumpkin cremes and anchovy fritters:

…and finally, the dessert everyone will be waiting for, the Chocolate Bouchee with Strawberries topped with a Chocolate Ganache and a touch of salted caramel:

Does it look good? It’s going to taste even better! So, whether you’re arriving with someone special, a group of friends, or on your own, you’re going to experience serious romance tonight. Step aside, Willy Wonka–this is chocolate only an adult could love, and you’ve got the golden ticket to enjoy it all!


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