Yes, spring is here and summer’s on the way!

It’s usually a little iffy to make this prediction in this part of the world, but we’re all the way to May 10, and it’s looking as if winter really is over. The forecast for the near future calls for temps in the 60s and 70s, real springtime weather. As we mentioned, the Bistro has spiffed up for spring to make sure the patio is ready for you to enjoy.

 As you can see, we’ve added some fencing to buffer your table a little bit more from the sights and sounds of the street. And tulips and hyacinths are in profusion for spring.

Our patio makes a great temporary lunchtime retreat from the workday, and at night, white lights add to the evening atmopshere. Couple that with the offerings from our kitchen and you have the makings of a relaxing, magical spring evening.

But the patio’s not the only outdoor spot where things are happening at the Bistro. The balmy weather also means it’s time to get the rooftop garden growing delicious things again. The chives have already come back, and we’re busy putting in plenty of the summer’s most treasured and versatile fruit: tomatoes.

We put in fresh plants every year, some that produce fruit early and some later, of many varieties.

Once the plants start growing fruit, we start putting them to use in everything from fresh and delicious caprese salads to rich and flavorful sauces. Wherever they appear, you can be reassured they were literally upstairs on the vine only a little while ago. And the same goes for all the other fresh vegetables and herbs we plant in the garden every year. “Can’t get fresher than rooftop to plate!”

Also, when you eat the produce from our rooftop garden this summer, you can be assured it’s not only local but organic…and locally organic. We’re feeding our garden with manure provided by a friend with a farm in Macedonia. Yes, even the manure is locally sourced!

These are just a preview of coming attractions. The tomatoes aren’t quite ready yet, but the patio definitely is. If you can picture yourself there now, sipping a beer or a glass of wine while enjoying a great meal and the company of friends in the sunshine, take the picture out of your head and make it reality. Grab some friends or that special person and join us soon at the Bistro for a patio rendezvous. You know you’ve been waiting all winter long for times like these — enjoy them while they last!


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