Happy to be on the “A-List” again!

We’re pleased to see we’ve again made the Plain Dealer‘s “A List” of the top 100 restaurants in Northeast Ohio. It’s not easy to make a listing of top restaurants in a foodie town such as Cleveland has become, and we’re very honored!

Two notes we’d like to make, however, about the review linked to our listing. First, it says “Be sure to take your statin drug first: More often than not, the sandwich platters come dressed with bacon and/or cheese, with sides of zippy coleslaw and crisp house fries.” We’d like to assure those of you who may not yet have visited us that, all wisdom re the actual value of statin drugs aside, our offerings are not all as high-fat or high-cholesterol as that description implies. We have plenty of dishes that aren’t fried, including some incredible salads. Also, while many of our lunch sandwich offerings are presented in the way described, that description is entirely irrelevant to our dinner menu, which offers far more sides than fries and coleslaw: everything from corn pudding to risottos.

Second, the description of our desserts says that they are “made off premises by a superb home cook.” Actually, our desserts are made on premises by our chefs–sometimes different ones depending on the dessert (could be Ruth, could be Todd, could be Rich…), but they’re made in-house.

Oh, and yes, Ruth in particular prefers to think of the Bistro as a “restaurant” as opposed to a “joint.” But that’s just a personal thing. All in all, we’re thrilled about being rated as one of the best places to eat in the city, and we hope that if you haven’t tried us yet, you’ll stop by and see why. No prescription necessary!


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