A little April Fool’s fun…Bistro 185 video from 100 years ago!

Did you know Bistro 185 is celebrating its centennial this year? That’s right–we’ve been cooking up delicious food here for a hundred years now. Well…OK, not really. But if you want an idea of what Bistro 185 might have looked like in movies from 100 years ago, you can get a taste of it today.

YouTube is celebrating April Fool’s Day by traveling back in time…pretending to be celebrating its own centennial, complete with a 1911-style logo and a “1911” button that appears on videos. Click the “1911” button and you get to experience what the video might have looked like in 1911…sepia color, scratches and blisters, blippy frames, and old-timey music (no “talkies,” of course). To see the 1911 version of Bistro 185, go to YouTube and click on one of the videos on our channel. The “1911” button doesn’t always seem to pop up, but keep refreshing and clicking and you should be able to find and apply it.

Have fun! And don’t forget, if you return from your 1911 time-trip hungry, we’re open for lunch and dinner as usual today…no fooling! Because when it comes to serving you delicious food, we never fool around. (Don’t forget, it’s Fish Fry Friday, too…so put your reservation or order in early to avoid a sellout!)


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