OK, only a few days left and you’re still stumped…

…about what to get that person (or those people) who seem to have everything…what to get them that won’t be exchanged, “re-gifted” or otherwise unappreciated. You don’t have any idea what their size or taste is in clothing or stuff for the home, they’ve already bought themselves every kind of cool gadget under the sun, the last thing you feel like doing is tackling the shopping crowds at this late date, and it’s too late to order anything online to get it delivered in time (at least without paying a monster of a shipping fee). What to do, what to do?

We have a suggestion. It does require that you answer one lifestyle question regarding your potential recipient, though.

Namely: Does this person eat?

If the answer is yes, we have your solution: a Bistro 185 gift certificate.

Our gift certificates are available in denominations as low as $25 and as high as $100 (you can get $50 and $75 certificates, too). Just think of the advantages:

1. One size and color (well, they’re actually several colors) fits all.

2. If the person eats–just about ANY kind of food–it will be used and enjoyed. No “re-gifting” likely on this one.

3. If you were about to throw up your hands in despair and just give money or a gift card, well–a Bistro 185 certificate isn’t cold and impersonal like cash, or even some gift cards. It shows you put some thought into the fact that your recipient enjoys occasions of fine dining, and you want to give that person the gift of one (or maybe even a few).

4. No need to wrestle with crowds at any shopping establishment. Just stop by the Bistro and tell a server you would like to purchase. Done!

5. Unlike some gift cards, it doesn’t need to be used immediately. It doesn’t lose value during any time it goes unused. It’s always worth the exact same value it was the day you bought it. No hidden tricks. Also, it’s highly unlikely to get sold or traded away on one of those gift-card Web sites for something else.

6. It’s good at any Bistro 185 location. Well, OK, there is only one Bistro 185 location. But when you enjoy the care we take toward preparing your meal fresh from scratch, you realize that’s actually a good thing.

7. Your potential giftee lives out of town? Well, what better reason for the giftee to come visit you? (Assuming that‘s a good thing. If not, at least you’ll be at the Bistro when you get together.)

8. If your recipient is a vegan, this is a great way to treat him or her to vegan fine dining through experiencing our Vegan Dinner Series.

9. It shows your good taste in fine dining and flatters your recipient, whom you have assumed shares it.

10. It supports local business here in Northeast Ohio, and shows your recipient that you do so as well.

OK, there is one disadvantage. You’re not going to find Bistro 185 gift certificates for sale at the drugstore, supermarket, or convenience mart on the corner. You do have to come to the Bistro to buy them. But we’re pretty conveniently located, anyway. Come on, we’re only a few minutes right off I-90. This is not hard! You’ll spend less time coming here, buying your certificates and leaving than you will just hunting for a parking spot at the mall right now!

OK, we think we’ve made our case. For those who eat, and can make it to East 185th Street at some point in their lifetimes, Bistro 185 gift certificates are the ultimate holiday present. Your recipient will think of you with each delicious bite. So come on in and get your holiday shopping finished quickly and easily. Just try to get here before too much longer, because we’re bound to close early on Christmas Eve. Of course, we’ll be closed on Christmas and back open on Monday, December 27. Also, if you need a place to go New Year’s Day, we’ve got good news–we will be open the evening of January 1 for your dining pleasure.

We hope to see you soon!

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