We’re taking Memorial Day off…

…so the Bistro will be closed Monday, May 31. Please stop by as June begins to kick off your summer right!

Speaking of summer, the Bistro’s back deck and rooftop garden are just about ready for it. Many of the herbs have come back, and the ones that haven’t have been replaced, so we’re blooming with thyme, chives, mint, sweet basil, oregano and rosemary. We’ve put in plenty of tomato plants to ensure a great supply of fresh homegrown red ones all summer long, and we’ve already got some little greenies showing up on the Early Girls (the heirloom varieties will take a little longer). In addition, there are green beans, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, arugula and tomatillos on the grow, and this year we have an absolutely huge horseradish, so get ready for fresh horseradish this summer! And our flower planters are full to bursting with colorful petunias.

You can enjoy dining in our wonderful rooftop garden if you call 216.481.9635 and make a reservation for your party of eight to enjoy a custom-catered dinner served on our deck. Think of how nice your special little gathering could be up here…then give us a call and get Ruth started on your event!

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