We made the A-List!

We’re not in a mood to be modest today (although we’re still humbled). Today’s issue of The Plain Dealer featured the newspaper’s first-ever “Northeast Ohio’s A-List” of the top 100 places to dine in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio — and we’re on it!

Here’s how they made their selections: “We came up with an initial list of restaurants that provide evening service and have been consistently well-reviewed,” they explain. “Over the past two months, 12 staff members and freelancers visited those places. We dined, assessed and decided which ones uphold their reputations for quality, consistency, service and atmosphere.”

And here’s some of what they had to say about Bistro 185: “Every neighborhood deserves a joint like Bistro 185 in North Collinwood on Cleveland’s East Side. The food is familiar, the atmosphere is cozy, the service is swift and friendly — and the prices won’t break the bank.”

Read the full article here. And please take note that the PD welcomes feedback from you via email or Twitter (on its “After You Eat, Tweet” page). Do you agree with their review of Bistro 185? What do you like the best that everyone should know about? Let ’em know — and let us know, too!


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