We’re tweeting our Austrian Wine Dinner!

Check out “Bistro185” on Twitter for some pictures of the preparation for our Austrian Wine Dinner tonight…we’ll be reporting on it afterward as well. (Sorry, we’re too busy and polite to tweet during dinner. You won’t want to either…you’ll want to savor every bite.) Also, don’t forget to follow us for future tweets! And watch this space for a video of the dinner, coming in the near future. Hope you have reservations to join us, though, because enjoying this wonderful food and wine certainly beats just looking at it and reading about it!

Take a trip way south with Chef Todd’s Special

If you needed a picture of Chef Todd’s Special this week to whet your appetite, here it is: Argentinean Grilled Beef Medallion with Chimichurri Sauce, Black Beans, Yellow Rice and Onion Relish. The beef slices are rich with flavor; the rice is slightly sweet; the black beans are rich and saucy with plenty of cilantro and snap; and the onions are savory-sweet. It’s all topped with a dollop of queso blanco. And it all adds up to fantastic. If you have a hankering for some Southwestern and Latin American flavors, this is the dish for you!

We made the A-List!

We’re not in a mood to be modest today (although we’re still humbled). Today’s issue of The Plain Dealer featured the newspaper’s first-ever “Northeast Ohio’s A-List” of the top 100 places to dine in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio — and we’re on it!

Here’s how they made their selections: “We came up with an initial list of restaurants that provide evening service and have been consistently well-reviewed,” they explain. “Over the past two months, 12 staff members and freelancers visited those places. We dined, assessed and decided which ones uphold their reputations for quality, consistency, service and atmosphere.”

And here’s some of what they had to say about Bistro 185: “Every neighborhood deserves a joint like Bistro 185 in North Collinwood on Cleveland’s East Side. The food is familiar, the atmosphere is cozy, the service is swift and friendly — and the prices won’t break the bank.”

Read the full article here. And please take note that the PD welcomes feedback from you via email or Twitter (on its “After You Eat, Tweet” page). Do you agree with their review of Bistro 185? What do you like the best that everyone should know about? Let ’em know — and let us know, too!

Thanks to all our new (and old) Market Under Glass friends!

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who showed up last night and enjoyed the wonderful food we served at last night’s Market Under Glass at the Galleria at Erieview. It was for a great cause, and we were thrilled to see such long lines and to hear from you about how much you enjoyed our food. We hope that if you’re new to us and haven’t stopped by the Bistro yet, you drop by soon. You won’t feel like a stranger for long, and you will love the food here just as much as you enjoyed it last night!

One thing we definitely want to let you know about if you haven’t dined with us before (and even if you have): there’s still seating available for our Austrian Wine Dinner Wednesday, April 28 (see link for menu). Join us for a six-course chef-driven feast, featuring the best in Austrian wine and sumptuous Austrian-style dishes. The hills will be alive with the sound of clinking wine glasses and forks this coming Wednesday! Call 216.481.9635 and make your reservation now!

Perfect pesto pasta for Vegan Night

Wednesday’s Vegan Night featured a great taste treat in Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto with Tofu, Vegetables and Penne Pasta. This dish combined the delightful fresh flavors of sun-dried tomatoes, basil, grape tomatoes, green and yellow squash and asparagus to make a very pleasing spring meal. Keep your eyes open for more vegan items like this one from your friends here at the Bistro!

Chef Todd’s got magic mushrooms

No, not that kind — but you will love what he’s done with wild mushrooms in his latest special. His Wild Forest Mushroom Ragu combines dried and “regular” wild mushrooms with portobello mushroom ravioli in a rich brown sauce flavored with soft and sweet roasted garlic and accented by sautéed spinach. Give it a try if you want a dish that sends you on a real flavor trip!

Also, Todd still has his Herbed Crêpes Filled with Crab and Shrimp with a Crab Mornay Sauce, Mussels Provençal (see the previous post for a picture) and Meyer Lemon Chicken Française on the specials list, so if you missed any one of these, you still have a chance!

Don’t forget: tomorrow night is Vegan Night, so don’t miss our newest vegan special!

A flurry of activity going on now!

So much is happening here at the Bistro that it’s hard to even keep up with it all. To bring you up to date:

WINE TASTING TONIGHT: We’re having a special $10 wine tasting tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. with light hors d’oeuvres, featuring Vino Con Brio Wines: “Matzin” Old Vines Zinfandel, Vino Con Brio Pinot Grigio, Vino Con Brio Petit Sirah, Vino Con Brio “Late Harvest Matzin” and Old Vines Zinfandel. Availability is limited, so if you’re interested, call to reserve a spot.CHEF TODD SHOWS OFF HIS MUSSELS: This week’s new Chef Todd Special will be added tomorrow night. In the meantime Todd is continuing to offer specials from last week. One we hadn’t yet mentioned here (yes, he ultimately came up with three!): Mussels Provençal, steamed in garlic, white wine, roasted red pepper and tomato, flavored with roasted garlic cloves, parsley and scallions, served with thin spaghetti. Try this one for a hearty seafood-and-spaghetti dish!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS VEGAN NIGHT: This Wednesday, Bistro 185’s new featured Vegan Dinner Series entree of the evening will be Sundried Tomato Pesto with Tofu, Sauteed Vegetables and Vegan Parmesan over Pasta. Don’t miss this one!

IT’S SWEET TO TWEET: Also, if you take a look at the right column of this page, you’ll see our big news: Bistro 185 has joined Twitter! (We’ll be adding a similar widget to our Web site and Facebook pages shortly.) If you’re on Twitter, please add us to your Follow list; if you’re not there as yet, you can still follow us by searching for “Bistro185” on the Twitter Web site or just following our activity here and on our Web site and Facebook.

Twitter is the place to read our “short bites” on the latest on what’s happening at the Bistro, and also where you can take advantage of special time-sensitive offers available only to those paying attention to our tweets. So keep your eyes on us — it might just pay off! Also, we’d love to hear tweets back from you — did you enjoy your latest meal with us? What would you like to see on the menu in the future? What’s gone that you miss? Let us know!

Rum-Painted Grouper is a great tropical taste!

Oh boy, this is another winner from Chef Todd! You’re going to love the combination of flavors in this dish. The grouper is painted with a glaze of rum, cloves, black peppercorns, soy and lemon, then grilled to perfection and placed atop a bed of macadamia-nut guacamole, rich with the flavors of fresh avocado and cilantro. It’s topped with grilled pineapple slices and a wedge of lime, and served alongside jasmine rice and sweet-potato tostones. It’s one of those terrific dishes that provides a magical contrast of flavors and sensations: hot and cold, sweet and spicy, all blending together and yet each standing out to be savored in turn. Not to be missed!

Chef Todd throws us a change-up this week

You have to give credit to Chef Todd, because he’s really been busy this week coming up with fresh ideas for the specials menu. Yes, he has added Rum-Painted Grouper to our offerings (and for more details on that, check this blog later tonight), but he has created not one, but two, specials for this week. His other new special is Yogurt-Marinated Leg of Lamb, and it’s like the best gyro you’ve ever eaten, only without the pita bread. Slices of tender, perfectly cooked lamb cut right off the leg (not processed meat, like your typical gyro!), accompanied by circles of yellow and green squash sautéed in oil and garlic and a cool, refreshing raita sauce — a traditional Middle Eastern yogurt-based sauce. It is also served with a delicious timbale of rice seasoned with Middle Eastern spices, raisins and almonds. If you enjoy Greek and Middle Eastern-style food, this one is a must!

But we don’t want to give short shrift to the grouper, so keep posted here for a description of that dish. And if you have yet to try Todd’s Meyer Lemon Chicken Française with Basil Cherry-Tomato Arugula Salad and Potato Tostones, you still have a chance!

A few other notes from our specials menu: we’ve added the Lollipop Lamb Chop Milanese with Vegetable Barley Risotto that was so popular at our most recent “Spring Into Whites” wine dinner. And if you love Asian food, tonight, skip the Chinese restaurant and come here instead for our Asian Trio. It’s grilled beef, shrimp, chicken, potstickers, and tempura vegetables, served with three different dipping sauces: coconut curry, Asian peanut and spicy plum ginger.

Vegans! Remember that wonderful Massaman Curry we kicked off our Vegan Dinner Series with? It’s now on our specials menu, full of tofu, coconut and Thai-style veggies, served with brown rice. And of course, there are plenty of other great staples on the specials menu — ones you’ve come to know and love and ones you haven’t tried yet. So what are you waiting for? Plenty of pleasures await you at the Bistro right now!

Chef Todd Special: Rum-Painted Grouper

Get ready for a taste of the tropics! Chef Todd’s special of the week is Rum-Painted Grouper with Coconut Jasmine Rice, Sweet Potato Tostone and Macadamia Nuts. Expect to also see some more tropical fruit, like pineapple, in this one. Todd was still making decisions about the final composition of this dish at the time this was posted, so to see and taste the final product, you’ll just have to stop by the Bistro!