For Lent, make friends with our fish!

It’s Ash Wednesday, and for some of our friends that means a lot of fish in your future. Happily, Bistro 185 makes it easy to find an appealing fish dish, whether you select one from our list of constantly changing specials or our regular menu. Whatever dish you choose, you can be assured your fish will be fresh and excellently prepared.

Above, you can see one example: our Red Snapper topped with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, with a tropical salsa of mango, black beans and corn, and some delicious bacon corn fritters alongside. This is just one of the specials that has appeared recently on our menu. We’ve also offered wild-caught fish like pan-roasted Canadian Halibut, Chilean Sea Bass, and Bay of Fundy Salmon; pan-seared, sesame-crusted Ahi Tuna; Canadian Walleye; Mahi Mahi; and a Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew. Each fish dish is accompanied by the perfect sauces (from hollandaise to wasabi aioli to lemon, herbs and butter) and sides (from ratatouille, risotto and ravioli to mashers, tempura vegetables, sesame noodles and corn pudding) selected to provide just the right combination of textures and flavors.

Looking for something a little more traditional? We’ve got that too — just try our fish fry. Our lunch menu, for example, offers a delicious tempura-battered halibut, crispy fresh-fried chips, cole slaw and tartar sauce:

And, in the evening, the Bistro 185 Fish Fry combines day boat scallops, shrimp and cod breaded in a cornmeal batter with remoulade sauce and sweet potato fries.

There’s enough variety in fish here that you need never get bored. So, for a great meal during Lent, drop in to Bistro 185 and take your pick: a traditional fish fry, or one of our nightly specials? Either way, you get just what you wish in fish.

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