Our kind of Thanksgiving

We’ll have tonight’s Behind the Dish post for you a little later. In the meantime, we thought we might satisfy your curiosity about what kind of Thanksgiving we’re planning for our day off tomorrow. Maybe you’re envisioning our family sitting down to an elaborate feast of authentic traditional foods lovingly prepared together. Well…not quite!

The truth of the matter is: When you cook six nights a week for a living, and even more on top of that for a catering business, the last thing you feel like doing on a holiday is COOKING! On the contrary, you can’t wait to sit back and let someone else do the cooking for you!

Normally, that might mean going out and looking for a restaurant where someone else is serving up a traditional Thanksgiving feast. But here’s another secret: In our family, most of us aren’t crazy about turkey. So what do we do? We go to the Siam Cafe on St. Clair Avenue and order up a Peking duck and all the trimmings for a great Chinese dinner.

We hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving tomorrow, however you celebrate it. Remember, if leftover turkey loses its appeal quickly for you, we’ll be back Friday, ready to help out, and with another great James Beard dish in the lineup. And if you just feel like doing something different tomorrow, or your original plans for the day should fall through, you’re welcome to take your cue from the Parker family in A Christmas Story and give something different a try, just like we do. Take it from us: there’s nothing like that “Chinese Turkey”!


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