Behind the Dish: Chicken Kiev

Here’s a surprise for you: there’s nothing particularly Ukrainian about Chicken Kiev. In fact, it may not have been invented in Kiev at all. It may have been invented in Moscow, then renamed “Chicken Kiev” during the days of the old Soviet Union. Wherever it comes from, though, it’s been a staple in American cuisine for a long time.

Much like Chicken Cordon Bleu, the basic recipe for Chicken Kiev calls for pounded-flat chicken breasts to be rolled around a filling, breaded, and either fried or baked. The classic recipe, which James Beard gives, calls for rolling the chicken breast around a filling of herb butter. At the Bistro, however, we’re changing his recipe up a bit for tonight. Our chicken is rolled around a center of Brie cheese and basil, and served with a tomato Mornay sauce (béchamel with cheese and tomato). The finished dish is accompanied by sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes. If that sounds tasty to you, get yourself over to the Bistro and give it a go!


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