The grand finale, and a special thanks

So we come to the end of The Julia Project tonight, with our final dish in the Greatest Hits lineup, Lamb Moussaka (which you can read about here and here). How do we feel now that we’ve made it to the end of the eight weeks (with a ninth week of vacation tucked in)? Proud, accomplished, a bit relieved — and wistful! This was a huge project that took a lot of time and effort, but it was also a great deal of fun and we are very proud of it. We are also thankful for everything and everyone who made it possible — so thankful that we’ve put together a little video to express our thanks.

To our co-chef, Todd Mueller, whose work was so integral to the success of this project; to our many purveyors who provided the ingredients to prepare such wonderful creations; to all of our excellent staff, who helped prepare and serve (and clean up after!) each dish with professionalism and enthusiasm; and most of all, to you, our guests, whose support for and excitement about our project made it all worthwhile. And, of course, thank you, Julia, for all your inspiration. What a wonderful way to end the summer.

This one’s for you:

Remember, while tonight is the end of the Julia Project, the Bistro and the Bistro 185 Blog go on! We have set the menu for our Julia Project Wine Dinner, so don’t forget to make your reservations for this special evening featuring:

Amuse-Bouche: Escargot with Toast Batons
First Course: Coquilles St. Jacques — Scallops and Shrimp in White Sauce
Second Course: Boeuf Bourguignon — Boneless Short Ribs Braised in a Rich Burgundy Wine Sauce with Pearl Onions, Mushrooms and Bacon with Root Vegetable Mash
Third Course: Frisée Salad with Poached Egg, Lardons and Croutons
Fourth Course: Salmon and Halibut En Croûte with Tarragon Beurre Blanc Sauce
Fifth Course: Duck Confit with Roasted Figs and Port
Sixth Course: Dessert — Chocolate Mousse and an Assortment of Chef’s Whim

Our theme could be called “Julia Meets the Napa Valley” — each course of the meal will be paired with a complementary wine from California, highlighting the Napa Valley region.

The Julia Project Wine Dinner takes place Tuesday, October 13, at 6:30 p.m. and is $75 per person, gratuity and tax not included, by paid reservation only. To enjoy this special meal with us, call 216.481.9635.

Also, please bookmark this page for regular visits to keep up on our nightly specials and our thoughts on great cuisine. We have many we look forward to sharing, and hope you’ll enjoy thinking about them and maybe even discussing them here in the comments section. Got an idea? A suggestion? A concern? Please share it with us as this blog begins its new life as the Bistro 185 Blog.

And…the Julia Project is not the end of our promotions! Watch this space for more information coming soon on our next tribute to “Icons in American Food”!


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