Marvelous moussaka!

JuliaProject923Enjoy! The moussaka includes layers and layers of rich flavor — just as intended. The tomato sauce has the depth and savoriness that comes only from simmering a good long time, and the essence of the spicing, especially the cinnamon, really comes through. The lamb, mushrooms, eggplant and potato slices are cooked to perfection, and the béchamel sauce has formed a delicious, light custard on top. Combined with the fresh astringent spice of the organic vegetables and feta cheese in the Greek side salad, this is a taste of the Mediterranean that hits just the right spot.

We’d like to give a special shout-out tonight to photographer Stuart Spivack, who has recently started tweeting regularly about the Bistro on his Twitter robot
clevespecials (which lists specials featured by Cleveland-area restaurants) and featuring this blog amongst the “Blogs of Note” listed on his Web site. He must have dropped by for our Julia special Monday night, because a luscious-looking photo of our Chile-Glazed Country Ribs with Black Beans and Rice just showed up on his Flickr page. Nice work, Stu!


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