You’ll nibble these bones ’til they’re naked


If you’re a rib lover in Cleveland, Bistro 185 is the place to be tonight. Our Chile Glazed Country Ribs will hit your sweet spot for sure — and your spicy spot, because they’re a wicked combination of both and are getting reviews like “phenomenal.” The sauce is brown, thick and clinging to every crispy, juicy bite of the fall-off-the-bones meat. If you’ve never had a rib with anything but a tomato-based sauce, you owe it to yourself to try this change of pace. After a half dozen of these, your palate will be wide awake and very happy!

The beans-and-rice dish alongside is a combination of yellow rice and black beans with turmeric and curry seasoning. To finish, we added a little salad of mixed greens topped with the peach chutney we serve with our Asian lump crab cakes — a little bit of a cool refresher to contrast with the heady spicing of the ribs. Don’t miss these — whether you eat them with a knife and fork or just slice them apart and pick them up with your fingers. As Julia herself might say, “BONE Appétit!


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