Behind the Dish: Crème Fraîche Ice Cream with Figs and Peaches

Tonight’s Julia dish is a delightful dessert: Crème Fraîche Ice Cream with Figs and Peaches. This one is another recipe that comes to us from her friend Julian Serrano; you can see a video of its preparation at this link. It’s made with half-and-half, vanilla beans, egg yolks, sugar and crème fraîche, which is French heavy cream — essentially cream that has thickened and fermented slightly to acquire a slight sour taste (we make our own). Unlike sour cream, however, crème fraîche can be boiled without curdling, and has a much richer flavor.

When the ice cream has been mixed and set up so it’s nicely chilled, it will be combined with poached peaches and mission figs that have been roasted with a combination of egg whites, brown and white sugars and almonds.

This is going to make a fantastic finish to a dinner at the Bistro tonight. If you missed last night’s Tuna À La Provençale, we’re serving it again tonight — or choose anything else from the menu that strikes your fancy. Then top it off with this sweet treat!


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