Tender lamb, rich sauce

The Tenant says…

One night as I was sitting at the Bistro bar, I saw a diner next to me being served a dish of lamb shank. I thought, “Wow, it looks like something Fred Flintstone would have for dinner.” Well, to me it did, anyway. To a person raised pretty much on beef, chicken, ham and holiday turkeys, a lamb shank — when compared to the more conventional chicken legs I grew up with — looks practically like a dinosaur bone. I didn’t get real exposure to lamb until adulthood, and even then, it was in the form of gyro meat or chops.

So, here I was tonight, presented with my own lamb shank. With the fork-tender, juicy meat falling right off that gigundous bone…and so rich and tasty. Braising really does do wonders to infuse meat with extra flavor, and the flavor of this lamb combines very well with that wonderful rooftop rosemary. The rich, brown sauce also gets soaked up very nicely by the baby vegetables and haricots verts, all of which are also tender without being mushy. There were only two differences from the original recipe that I could see: no tomatoes and no peas. But I didn’t miss them. In short, I think if Fred Flintstone were served this kind of a meal, his reaction would be “Yabba-dabba-doo!” Yeah, you knew where that was going, didn’t you? Anyway, thank you, Julia!

There is another reprise Julia dish on the menu tonight as well: last night’s Côtes de Porc Robert is back for a second round. So, if you love meat rich with flavor, take your pick tonight: pork or lamb. Either way, you win.


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