A great combination of creamy and spicy

That’s my Tenant verdict on the Julia Project dish of the day. The scallops are seared just right, with a little touch of golden brown — tender and soft. The risotto and the green sauce blended into it manage together to combine gentle creaminess and spiciness. You can really taste the earthy mushrooms, and the tang of the tomatillos and jalapeños lingers on your tongue a little, but is softened by the rest of the flavors. They changed things up a bit on us! Rather than topping it with a tomato salsa, Chef Todd and crew went with a grilled corn salsa instead, which turned out to be just right; it adds a little crunch and sweetness to what is in every other way a pretty soft and smooth-textured dish. Another bonus was a little spoonful of that salmon caviar they were talking about the other day. This has a saltier, fishier flavor and is a good contrast to the more subtle flavor of the scallops.

This is definitely a dish I would recommend to seafood and scallop lovers, especially if you’ve eaten lots of scallops-in-a-creamy-buttery-sauce dishes (often with cheese) and would like to try something a little different.

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