Mamma mia! That’s a spicy spaghetti!

Hello, it’s The Tenant again, who just sat down to a plate of Spaghetti Marco Polo…They asked me what I thought of it, and I said this: “The use of the kalamata olives, combined with the garlic, makes this a spicier, saltier kind of pasta dish. Those who are used to a really sweet tomato-y spaghetti sauce, or those who like really creamy alfredo-type sauces, might not find it to their taste, but I do.” And that’s the truth. Maybe being half-Italian helps, but it’s hard to serve me any kind of a pasta dish I’m not going to like. And I like the way this one makes use of peppers and the completely unexpected (at least in most pastas) walnuts. As for the kalamatas, which are kind of intense for some people, well, I have reason to believe there’s a bit of Greek in me, too, so I’m fine with those. It is somewhat like a puttanesca sauce, which usually has salty anchovies along with black olives and capers, only this one is minus the tomatoes. Or maybe a linguini-with-clam-sauce, minus the clams. If you like puttanesca sauce, or linguini with a garlicky clam sauce, Spaghetti Marco Polo should appeal to you, too. But be warned: those olives have pits!

I saved some of mine for lunch tomorrow. Always nice having pasta for lunch when you don’t have to cook it yourself!


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