It’s just ducky

Our roast duck came out just the way we wanted: with a nice, brown crispy skin that releases just a bit of the juiciness of the meat inside even as you slice in. We ended up adding shiitake mushrooms to the porcinis to create an even richer mushroom flavor in the demi-glace. This was not a sweet treatment of duck but a very savory, herby one, and the deep flavors of the herbs were in every bite. We think the buttery sautéed green beans and the wild rice were just right for it. What did you think? If you had the duck tonight, we’d love to know.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

As we mentioned in an earlier post, it’s a time of celebration in the Levine household — our son Ari is getting married tomorrow. We’ve been very busy preparing the feast for his wedding, which we’ll tell you a bit about later. After the wedding, we’re actually joining Ari and his bride on a family honeymoon! It will be only a few days long, but should be plenty of fun.

Which romantic hotspot are we visiting? Vegas? Disney World? Bermuda? Surprise: we’re headed for Rochester, New York! Yes, it’s a little unusual, but that’s where we’ll be. Watch this space for more information on our trip.

The good news for our wonderful patrons is that we are not closing the Bistro during our absence. Chef Todd will take over in preparing all the Julia Project dishes for the rest of the week. So stay with us, and stop on by to keep sampling great cuisine Julia Child-style, and keep watching this space for news from our travels.


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