Behind the Dish: Crêpes Suzette

Tonight’s new Julia presentation is a classic French dish served up as a dessert treat: Crêpes Suzette. We’re going to serve our crêpes with orange marmalade, orange slices and Grand Marnier.

We wanted to let you know we plan to make this blog more visual very soon, and feature quite a few things we think you’ll like, such as photos of our dishes and even a little video. In the meantime, to give you an idea of what goes into preparing a crêpe Julia-style, we’re presenting this YouTube video by Julia’s “nephew,” “Julian Child,” aka “The 99 Cent Chef”:

An advisory: we’ll be preparing our crêpes minus the wig, earrings and pearls. Just in case you wondered.

We are also reprising a Julia entree from earlier in the week: the Pork Tenderloin with Hot Fanny Sauce. If you missed it earlier, tonight’s your second chance to enjoy.

Week 5 Menu will be posted soon…

The Julia Project Week 5 is going to be great! Look for specials including duck with porcini mushrooms, lamb shank with fall vegetables, and scallops with green tomatillos and risotto. Part of the week we will have a guest chef subbing for us while we prepare the menu for and attend to our son Ari’s wedding. (More details on that later!) One of our featured Julia dishes at that time will be Spaghetti Marco Polo. Watch this space for more details!


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