The Julia Project takes a trip to the South tonight!

Yes, things are definitely going to be a little different in tonight’s Julia Project. The new entree comes to us courtesy of Leah Chase, “The Queen of Creole Cuisine,” who provided the recipe for the cookbook In Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chefs.

For many years, Leah’s restaurant in the 5th Ward of New Orleans, Dooky Chase, was known as a place to find not only wonderful down-home Creole cooking but an extensive collection of African American art. Then came Hurricane Katrina. Dooky Chase was flooded, although the art collection was saved. Today, the restaurant is back in business and once again serving up the Creole classics that made it famous.

Tonight we celebrate both Julia Child and the revival of Dooky Chase by featuring a classic all-American entree: Fried Chicken. (You can find a video of Leah cooking it at the link here.) And we’re going to serve it up with gravy and some of Ruth’s light and delicious Corn Pudding — and maybe a few other treats as well. To find out what the end dish is like, you’ll just have to stop in. If you’ve been craving some good old-fashioned comfort food that says you’re not quite ready yet to say goodbye to summer, this is the place to be!


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