Feasting on fried chicken

So, the fried chicken is going out to the tables, and we think we got it just right. Big, crispy pieces — breast, leg, wing and thigh — coated with crunchy breading, protecting the tender, moist, juicy, non-greasy chicken inside. It’s all drizzled with the lavender honey and served with the corn pudding and a cup of thick, rich gravy on the side — perfect for dipping both chicken and crust (you’ll want to do both — the gravy is full of savory spicing).

We think the lavender honey complements the chicken much the way rosemary does, and the honey provides just the right touch of sweetness without being overpowering. If you do, too, please chime in! This dish is looking like a must for a reprise.

A big shout-out of thanks, also, for having shown us this week how much we were missed while we were on vacation! The Bistro has been packed ever since our return, and the Julia entrees have been flying out of the kitchen to rave reviews. We’re delighted that so many of you are as excited about the project as we are. It’s good to be back!


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