It’s tender, it’s tasty, it’s flavorful

We’re getting raves tonight about the stuffed beef tenderloin, and we’re very happy with how happy you are with it! The sauce and the stuffing really make this one rich with flavor throughout. Another little secret to tonight’s preparation: we ended up substituting chorizo sausage for the ham indicated in the recipe. We think it turned out to be a great choice. How about you?

Another prep hint: Because we are making our tenderloin for a restaurant, we find it easier to stuff an entire tenderloin and roast it whole, then cut it into slices, than to follow the instructions in the original recipe, which call for preslicing the beef, stuffing each slice individually and then reassembling the slices and wrapping them together in cheesecloth for cooking. It makes no difference to the ultimate quality of the finished dish, but it’s a more efficient way to prepare it for a larger group. And there’s certainly a large group enjoying it here.


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