Vacation almost over…

Hello again from the Conch Republic!

Last night we went back to Michaels and ordered the 4-cheese fondue. We were disappointed in it. As Ruth said to Marc, “It looked better on somebody else’s plate.” The fondue itself was OK, but the dipping items were breads, salami, cold roasted chicken, broccoli, carrots, raw zucchini and yellow squash. Large hunks! Just not something we would ever order again. We had maple pecan ice cream for dessert — but we think the ice cream we make is so much better.

We did sit next to two very interesting men who just came back from California — the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. They were very much into wine and food. They talked about having dinner at The French Laundry. They made their reservation six months in advance — dinner for three people — which was $1,400. You read that right! And guess what: They didn’t like it! On the other hand, they have frequented another Thomas Keller restaurtant, Bouchon, many times and really like it there. They did say the wine selection at The French Laundry was wonderful — go figure!

Our bartender last night was really nice. She moved here 14 years ago from Manhattan — talk about a lifestyle change! She came down here for vacation and never went home. We can definitely see doing that. It is such a laid-back and easy place to be.

Today, we are going snorkeling, and then back to Louie’s Backyard for tapas on their upstairs patio. Some of the restaurants we wanted to go to are closed for vacation, as this is the off-season.

We are leaving tomorrow. Oh well — back to reality!

2 thoughts on “Vacation almost over…

  1. Sorry about the fondue but again get your a. Back here I and cook the food girl. Love hearing aboutthe trip have fun can’t wait to c you all. Love susan

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