A little food, a little wine, a lot of sunshine

Greetings from Key West! We need to provide an update and revision to the story of how things went yesterday. Although we planned to go to Sarabeth’s, we learned they are closed Monday and Tuesday, so we went to a place called Camille’s Restaurant instead. The rest of the day…we never made it back to a restaurant at all! We spent a while traveling around the island, but staying here at the Casa Marina Resort, we couldn’t resist taking the time to enjoy the island’s largest private beach by just relaxing there for a bit. We swam in water as warm as a bathtub, hung out on the beach with some cheese and Chardonnay, and just relaxed (with or without a book). Marvelous!

Today we finally made it to Sarabeth’s. Ruth chose their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with strawberries and wheatberries, while Marc went for the Sautéed Lump Crabmeat and Key West Pink Shrimp Cake. Sarabeth’s has a delightful atmosphere as well as terrific food; it’s wonderful to just sit outside in its colorful space with an eleectric fan blowing on you to ensure there’s a nice breeze!

Everywhere we go, we’re impressed by the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere of Key West. The people are so friendly and pleasant. Feral chickens and cats roam everywhere. The chickens are believed to be the descendants of animals originally brought to the area for cockfighting purposes, but today they wander freely around the island, protected by law. The cats, many of them with six or more toes (“polydactyls”), are believed to be descendants of cats once owned by Ernest Hemingway — and many cats like these live in and are cared for at The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, a must-visit for any tourist who loves Hemingway or just loves literature. We visited last year, and it was so easy to feel the spirit of the man just by entering the mansion where he lived and wrote for more than a decade. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and animated, and his tour truly seemed to bring Hemingway back to life for us — we could almost feel him sitting right there in each room. We highly recommend a tour of this treasure to anyone who visits.

More later on from this supremely relaxing place!


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