Vacation Day 1: dining Key West style

Hi again! It is definitely hot here — makes the margaritas taste better.

For us, vacation time is an opportunity to stop running our own restaurant long enough to enjoy the atmosphere and cuisine of other restaurants, and Key West is a great place to do just that. Last night we ate at a local favorite, Seven Fish on Olivia Street. The interesting thing with this restaurant — at least to Ruth — is that they never change their menu. It was exactly the same as when we visited last year. That concept is so different from the way we operate the Bistro.

The food is very good. Marc had yellow tail — locally caught fish in a Thai curry sauce with sticky rice and vegetables. Ruth had sautéed scallops (from California!) with mashers, peas and spinach. Odd combination — but it somehow works.

For lunch yesterday, we went to Louie’s Backyard — a beautiful spot right on the water. The food was nice.

Today we went fishing and caught our lunch. We took the “grunt” fish fillets to a restaurant by the dock, and they cooked our fish for $7.99. We had it fried, served with rice and beans — could not have better or fresher.

More later, including information on our Day 1 dinner!


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